How to alleviate your stress: A student’s guide

When I was enrolled in college, it was a real tough challenge managing my studies along with my part-time job; I had to pay for my expenses as those were getting too out of hand after moving to a different city. I had to wake up early in the morning and study and work till late in the night. It got real exhausting sometimes, and weekends were what I craved for. Here are a few ways I went to manage my stress, work, and studies:

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How to alleviate your stress

Tips to alleviate your stress

1. Learn to organize and balance your life

It can be really frustrating if all you see is clutter, be it your work station or your room and bed. You need to keep the places you occupy for work or study really organized and clean. It is really important to keep your head straight with handling a tough schedule and keep off the stress. If you do not plan and schedule accordingly, the stress will keep mounting up on you.

2. Spending time with your social circle

Friends are always a great way to help bust your stress. If you are unable to spend as much time, it is always nice to have people around who you can talk to. After a stressful day, it is really helpful to have people around with a good ear.

3. Exercises

Going to a gym or getting onto your Yoga mat, there are range of exercises and activities one can take up to relax oneself. Mental health is connected to physical health, going for exercises will really help the tension and spread out in muscles and provide a method to distress oneself.

4. Watching TV series or movies

There are a number of methods online to watch millions of movies and TV series. This was my favorite method to chill out and help distress your mind. Go Netflix and chill. Here list of best movie streaming sites where sign up not required.

5. Going for recreational activities

You can try out weekend activities like going out of town for a few days, going rock climbing, or just going to the pub for some karaoke. College is the time to have fun and enjoy, so I suggest you take up as many activities as you can and try new things.

6. Taking help whenever you can

Sometimes it gets too hard managing work and studies, so you need to take help from wherever possible, be it your friends or from colleagues. You can try paper writing services to help with your studies in case you get into a chaotic situation.

7. Only focus on important issues

There is a really popular book by Mark Manson named ‘The subtle art of not giving a f*ck’, where a recurring theme is to focus on issues that are really important to you and not be concerned about stuff which you cannot change. There is also another book named ‘Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance’ where the author tells us how the little issues in our life, which we tend to ignore are affecting our mood and behavior massively. You need to find out the issues which affect you and not worry about which do not.

8. Your phone is a bigger problem than what you think

Nowadays, you look around and half the people are staring into their phones. You might think it is harmless and helps one pass his/her time better. But, studies have revealed that it actually contributes towards increasing stress levels. You get on your phone and scroll down on your social media accounts, it gets one into a world where everything is bliss and happy, that might make someone feel depressed about how normal and boring one’s life is.