Content Revolution Is Set To Create Six New Jobs

If you are between the ages of 18 and 34, and not spending time online throughout the day or most of your waking hours, you would certainly be an odd one out. But, if you do, then you belong to the 86% who are constantly bombarded with varying opinions on the social media platforms and also to 45%, who simultaneously browse more than five news topics online.

This is what American Press Institute has found out. Since, you are constantly being exposed to a steady stream of content, the content creator has the difficult job of gaining attention. The sad truth is not even the best content stands a chance of being viewed, without recourse to a multi-disciplinary approach from the very beginning.

This multi-disciplinary approach requires sturdy props that include word-of-mouth promotion, latest methods of delivering content and collaboration with other similar disciplines. This is compelling the creative companies to evolve and throw open the doors for new career opportunities.

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content revolution

The content revolution

Today, content, especially news content, needs to grab the eyeballs. And this needs a fail-proof strategy. This is nicely illustrated by the recent news item that Kanye West has declared that he is $53 million in debt. This piece of information would usually be delivered through the media as a news item, but in doing so it will be competing with thousands of other news and social media platforms.

If the same news is twisted in a way that it becomes an eye catcher, it stands a solid chance of being viewed and commented upon. This is exactly what Monster did with this news item. The Monster team gave it a funny twist by suggesting jobs for West! They conveyed the same news in a way that was both informative and entertaining.

Little wonder Monster’s promotional strategy resulted in 72,000 page reviews and 430,000 social impressions. Facebook and Twitter also registered 2,390% and 1,900% more impressions than normal. A simple reportage became an instant hit on the news media, by deft handling of the content.

The new pecking order

Of course, the content revolution is set to witness a sea change in creating newer roles with some fancy designations. The teams need members with special skills to create fresh writing that is extensively creative.

Here are six possible special skills:

  • Trending Specialist: This specialist will have his finger in every pie. He is the creative person who will separate the chaff from the grain by giving a creative twist to an ordinary news item, without compromising on its authenticity. For this, he needs to always be on the go and involve the whole team to produce ‘catchy’ content.
  • Multichannel guru: With the consumer engagement channels changing by the minute, it is important to have someone who has a finger on the nerve of the public. This talented individual will help in developing and executing strategies for gaining quantifiable results. For Monster, it was this expertise that led to making Kanye story popular.
  • Full content producer: The full content producer will create content taking the help of technology with the aim of indulging the viewers to the stories. This may range from virtual reality to tweet to mobile to video. For example, the 360-degree videos offered by The New York Times gets people totally involved in the news.
  • Editorial director: The job of editorial director will be to identify the strategy required to churn out stories and package them so that they appeal to people across platforms. The job involves getting the last ounce of value that the content so created holds, from the start to finish, in order to get full credit for what it is worth.
  • Data miner: A dedicated data miner, whose main job is to hunt for and gather data, is indispensable for any company. He or she not only needs to possess mining skills to unearth stories, but also be able to present the brand narrative in its best form. The job entails supporting the team’s storytelling efforts by searching for, securing and cataloging examples by mining new sources.
  • Spokesperson: You can produce a compelling story, but if you cannot present it through someone who can bridge the gap between the story and the public, the whole effort may get drowned in today’s crowded space. The spokesperson not only acts as a conduit, but also takes the reins as a command and control specialist on the lines of a business leader.


Call this new crop of executives by any name, but what they are meant to do is slowly gaining importance on the news and social media. It is not only the brands that need a creative process to become more visible than the rest, but news content too. This also holds importance for creating compelling resume summary, to give the resume a chance to be picked up for consideration. So, it is not about the content, but about the skilled experts creating it.

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