What should change in the schools of the XXI century?

After graduating, today’s students should approach any work with own vision, creativity, and flexibility. They must efficiently use modern technology and orientate in the information space, be responsible and proactive, know how to cooperate with others and be real leaders. Such a set of qualities was named “Skills of the XXI century” and was defined by prominent teachers, outstanding business leaders, scientists and government institutions as necessary for a modern person.

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XXI century

Many students of today prefer to delegate their responsibilities, for example to such services as https://uwritemyessay.com/, and they are right in some way as the life doesn’t turn entirely around education and hard school assignments. But how can we change the situation to a better side and organically integrate the study of essential skills into a system established in schools? How can the teaching model be altered without the additional burden on teachers?

“The Leader in Me” program, which is now established in more than 3,000 schools around the world, answers these questions. The program helps to teach leadership and skills of the XXI century. Its authors as well as all who implement it, consider any child talented and able to be a leader. In the context of the program, the notion of leadership differs from the traditional understanding of a leader as it means, above all, the ability of a person to be a leader inside of self: to manage own life and develop it according to individual wishes and purposes.

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With this approach, children study with pleasure, develop harmoniously, feel every minute of school life as important and necessary. The program also deals with the educational process, believing that changes begin with each particular student. With the implementation of the program at school, its principles are first studied by the teachers and all other staff members, who later communicate them to the children during the education process.

“The Leader in Me” program is based on “Seven Skills of Highly Effective People” of Stephen Covey, which are adapted for educational institutions. The people of all cultures can understand such universal principles of interpersonal and personal effectiveness as cohesion, teamwork, responsibility, etc.

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