7 Tips for Students to Write Marks Gaining Assignments or Essays

In the past few years, spoon-feeding has ruined the skills and capabilities of students. It was making the purpose of education is useless. But nowadays, schools and colleges are not encouraging spoon-feeding teachers are trying to clear the concepts of students and polishing their skills. Students are assigned with creative essays and assignments daily, and teachers also ask them to learn in homes on their own. Students don’t like these activities because they think studying in schools and colleges is enough for them.

The primary purpose of home-based assignments is to increase the learning and writing skills of the students. When they use their brain they learn more, and they become familiar with new things. Scientifically it is proven that students learn more when they practice themselves.

The purpose of these activities is to increase the capabilities of students. When they practice more they get better. Many students find creative writing challenging because they don’t know how to start.

For those students who are seeking help in writing a good creative essay, we have a useful guideline that students can follow to create a good piece of writing.

Tips for Students to Write Marks Gaining Assignments or Essays
Tips for Students to Write Marks Gaining Assignments or Essays

7 Tips for Students to Write Marks Gaining Assignments or Essays

1. Understanding of Topic

Some students have to choose their assignment topic on their own. It is good enough they can choose a topic on which they have maximum knowledge and good command. The other possibility is that they may be assigned a topic. If your teacher has assigned you a topic the first thing you need to do is understand it. Without topic understanding, you cannot even start your work or may fail to write a quality essay.

2. Research Can Make Things Easy

Thorough research is the one thing you are required to write a good assignment. Without proper knowledge and enough information, you may not be able to write a good assignment. When you search more you get more material to write. When you explore more, you may get things more clear and can convey them easily. You can use relevant books, internet, or even ask your seniors or teachers to help you with collecting data.

3. When to Start Writing

When you feel you’ve enough data to write with strong arguments, you can start your writing. Before writing, you need to make a sample paper. Write all the important points and information separately, so you don’t miss or forget to add any informative point in your assignment.

4. Manage the Information

When you have too much to write, you may fail to manage the information. Before starting an assignment, write your topic in the middle of the page and then draw further lines that are holding different information. In this way, you’re more likely to give a rhythm to your written work.

5. Introduction, Body, and Conclusion

Distribute your essay into three parts. The first one is the introduction paragraph holding the information about your topic and what you’re going to further discuss in the assignment. The second part is the ‘body’ it should be distrusted into short paragraphs and each one holding new information but relevant to your topic. Lastly, the concluding section should not be providing new information to the readers. A conclusion paragraph should be based on the result of your research.

6. Editing and Proofreading

After completing the first sample of your essay, read it several times to remove the mistake. If you’re not sure about your written work you can hire a proofreader and can ask him to proofread my essay. When an expert edits your work, then it is more likely you have an error and mistake-free essay.

7. Online Tools to Check Plagiarism

Technology is making progress and things easy for every field of people. For students, thousands of online tools are available to check their essays an assignment. You can upload your essay to check if there is any plagiarism or grammatical mistakes in it. These online tools highlight all the errors and make your essay 100% free from mistakes.