6 Productive Ways to Motivate Students for E-Learning

Screen time is accused of lowering children’s concentration span. So, when students need to learn solely through screens, keeping their productivity at a high level sets a new challenge.

Without the in-person experience, students tend to lose motivation for attending classes and learning. However, a positive learning environment can be created even without the physical space.

In the following lines, we’ll reveal a few ways of motivating students for online learning.

Productive Ways to Motivate Students for E-Learning

1. Promote Freedom and Creativity

Including activities that allow freedom and creativity will make the tasks more fun and personal. For example, instead of giving a set template for a project, let students choose their style.

Being able to express themselves is a strong motivator for children and young adults. So, support their individuality and you’ll have their attention. If you don’t have ideas for good topic examples, you can hire legit paper writers to help you. They know what subjects interest students, and they can write segments of lessons that students will resonate with.

2. Encourage Collaboration

Encourage Collaboration

Online learning creates a distance between peers. That’s what the majority of students miss the most—the interaction with their classmates.

You can somewhat make up for that gap in personal connection through group projects. Add more teamwork, exercises in pairs, and similar activities. By encouraging students to communicate and nourish their relationships with peers, you will build a sense of community in the classroom.

3. Boost the Engagement

Passively listening for hours is exhausting for students. To improve their focus and provoke their activity, you should make the classes engaging.

Allow students to share their thoughts and interact throughout the class. Regularly ask them questions and give them tasks that provoke forming an opinion. You can use students’ essays to pull out their difference in options and trigger a discussion. If you don’t have the time, use rewrite my essay for me services online. You can find a company that can rewrite essays into open discussion questions or any other type of academic task you need. Do not forget to utilize their discounts for students, too!

Make students feel safe to ask questions by not scorning their curiosity. Establish the “there is no stupid questions” rule so that students can speak up without fear.

4. Introduce Quizzes and Games

Introduce Quizzes and Games

Game-like activities are always fun for students. Quizzes, puzzles, or associations can help students learn in a new and unconventional way.

To make the games more competitive, you can include a reward. For example, a team that wins won’t need to do homework for tomorrow. The competition will increase their adrenaline level and keep them alert during the lesson, while the award will motivate them to prepare for the next game.

5. Ask Students for Feedback

Give students a say. Let them know that their thoughts and feelings matter by asking them for feedback. Either ask them directly or create an anonymous questionnaire.

Students can give input on what would make the lessons more interesting. They can let you know how they would improve the classes, or if they have creative ideas to make learning more fun.

Introducing their suggestions to class will make students feel valued. What’s more, you’ll be able to get intel on how to improve students’ e-learning experience.

6. Make the Lessons Relatable

Make the Lessons Relatable

The lack of motivation often comes from the fact that students don’t find value in lessons. If they could find the connection between academic learning and their everyday life, they will be more motivated.

Try to relate the lessons to students’ lives, their goals, friends, family, community, and so on. Creating associations with things and people they are familiar with will trigger their interest.

Talk about hypothetical situations or real-life examples that students will find interesting. You can search for intriguing stories among trending news as well.

Final Thoughts

Motivated learners are successful students. And successful students are every teacher’s goal. So, investing effort in boosting students’ motivation is a journey worth your while.