6 Amazing Adventures To Take in 2022

2022 is going to be your year to travel. The world is full of amazing destinations for travelers of all types. Whether seeing the world by land or by sea, there is plenty to enjoy and make this year your most memorable yet. If you aren’t certain where to go, follow this guide for six of the most incredible adventures worldwide.

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Amazing Adventures To Take in 2022

Long Distance Travels

Looking to visit both Europe and Asia? Now you can. With the world’s first route from Portugal to Singapore now open, you can. This remarkable journey will take you over 11,000 miles from the sunny beaches of Lagos in Portugal to the modern architecture of Singapore. The path takes you through cities like Paris and Beijing, offering you one-of-a-kind views of the varied landscapes between Europe and Asia. You should set aside at least 21 days for the trip, but why not add more and enjoy a few days in some of these amazing cities that mark your way.

Adventures on the Seas

From the mysteries of the depths and the sandy beaches that line the shores, there is something incredible about the wide-open seas. This year, take the stress out of planning and consider booking an all inclusive cruise to experience adventures on the high seas. With plenty of options for destinations, the question turns to where to first? When selecting, consider the ports you’ll stop in as well as the trip length to help find the perfect cruise for you. Once you pick your tour, all you need to do is show up and enjoy the journey that awaits you.

Alpine Adventures

If you love the slopes, there is no better spot for skiing than the white-capped mountains of the Chamonix Valley, unless you want to include Switzerland and Italy in the mix. If looking to ski some of the best ridges in the world, make your way to this gorgeous valley. From Chamonix, you have a few path options to take. You can ski from France to Switzerland, France to Italy or hit all three and enjoy a ski journey spanning all three countries. Whichever you choose, adventure awaits you in this snowy valley.

Starry Nights

Tucked in the Andes in Southwest Bolivia lies the world’s largest salt flat. For half the year, this dry landscape lays as a white expanse contrasted by the deep blue hues of the sky. However, during the rainy season from November to March, this unique destination becomes the world’s largest mirror reflecting the stars and the clouds for a truly extraordinary view. Popular amongst tourists for the incredible sights and the unique photographic opportunities, this impressive destination offers once-in-a-lifetime views. This vast expanse is one you don’t want to miss.

Thrilling Heights

The dream of trekking the Himalayas has captured the imagination of adventurers around the world. Making your way up the path that has inspired generations of travelers and mountain guides is something you will never forget. If making the ascent up Mount Everest is on your bucket list, but seems intimidating or too crowded, consider making your way to some of the other mountains in the Himalayas. Here you can enjoy one of the many treks offering you unparalleled views and an unforgettable experience.

Animal Experiences

Opportunities to see and experience nature are everywhere, but if you’re looking to see some of the most incredible creatures, make your way to Africa. This continent is home to over 200 animal preserves with unique opportunities to see these animals in their natural environment. Whether you enjoy a safari or want to hike into the depths of the jungle, there is something for everyone here. If you want to take your vacation up a notch, consider booking into one of the many hotels where animals roam free. Your African adventure will be one you never forget.

This year, make your next vacation your best one yet. No matter where you go, happy exploring!