5 Types of Music that will Help you Change your Mood

Do you ever find yourself listening to particular types of music when you are extremely stressed, anxious or sad and end up feeling relaxed immediately? From simple drumbeats during the stone age to today’s modern music, music has always been an integral part of human lives and has been used to uplift energy levels, express emotions and even heal people suffering from emotional trauma. Nevertheless, the question of music and effects on an individual mood has been under intense debate for centuries with numerous researches conducted in an attempt to establish if music truly helps change mood.

The findings of these researchers have established beyond doubt that different types of music have profound effects on the human psyche and plays a significant role in shaping moods. So, whether you are feeling extremely down or in bad moods, its crucial to listen to the correct genre of music that will undoubtedly put you in high spirits. We have picked five best types of music that will shape your mood in no time.

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#1. Blues and Reggae

With a slow rhythm coupled with soft beats, blues helps calm you down when you are feeling a little bit nervous or anxious. The slow rhythm slows your heart and enables you to focus. If you are experiencing anger episodes maybe because someone has pissed you off, you should listen to the sweet tune of reggae music to help calm you down. The skank guitar rhythm common in reggae songs has a soothing effect on the heart and mind and will certainly relax your nerves in times of extreme anger.

#2. Rock& Classical music

Rock& and classical music usually bring that nostalgic feeling which can change any bad mood into a great one. The power-pop melodies and chord changes with speedy punk tempos and loud guitars characteristic of classic rock music has been established to uplift and calm a person thereby significantly uplift mood. Rock music has also been associated with increased brain power essential for improving productivity.

#3. Brassband music

Brassband music played an important role in the development of Jazz and has an enormous capability of changing bad moods. This genre of music blends sounds from a number of set types and shapes of instruments including the flugelhorn, soprano cornet, and baritone horn to create bright and melodic music which is relaxing and uplifts mood.

#4. Dance Music

If you are feeling very low and you need to get in high spirits pretty much first, just play some fine dance music. The fast tempo, catchy beats, and high energy levels characteristic of dance music prevent your brain from overthinking about stressing issues and consequently changes your moods almost immediately. Be sure to stand up and shake your body and sweat a little once you have turned on dance music.

#5. Mainstream Pop music

The melodic tunes of pop music will certainly uplift you and immediately change your mood. Pop music is eclectic, and often borrows elements from other music genres such as rock, dance, and Latin. The rhythmic element easily noticed in pop music coupled with melodic chorus that contrasts harmonically with the verse initiates a relaxed feeling essential for transforming a bad mood.


To conclude, different genres of music can make or break your mood. While a broad range of music genres can uplift your spirit, other music genres such as country music have been established to have a saddening effect which can ruin a good mood and lead to suicidal thoughts. Heavy metal music has been found to bring about antisocial feelings and can cause relaxed feeling or violent feeling depending on an individual. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose the right music from the genres listed above to change mood and avoid conditions associated with poor moods including stress, depression and decreased productivity.

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