Top 5 Websites to Learn Any Skill

The current state of the world has left many people either working from home or at least spending much more time at home. This time could be spent binging yet another show on Netflix, or it could be spent learning something new.

Not to worry, you won’t be going back to school anytime soon. Thanks to technology, you can learn almost anything you want from the comfort of your own home. We’re going to highlight just a few of the many resources that you can find online to learn almost any skill you can think of.

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Websites to Learn Any Skill


First We will talk about Udemy. With over 150,000 courses there is no shortage of knowledge here. You can find tons of free courses as well as paid ones. A good thing about this site is that they are always running specials for all courses at $10 or $15. This is especially handy if you want to take several courses and want to get them at a great price!


Coursera is another place to learn amazing skills. With over 4,000 courses, this is a great option because they partner with universities all over the world. Many of their courses are taught by professors from those universities, which can sometimes even lead to obtaining degrees!


Skillshare is a very fun one. You can learn almost anything you can think of on this website. This is a particularly good option if you are busy and can only afford around 15 minutes a day for learning. The courses are broken up into smaller pieces making them easier to get through. Skillshare has over 30,000 courses for you to expand your skillset. While this one does have a premium version for around $10 a month, they do still offer around 500 free courses.


Almost anyone you can think of has gone on youtube to find out how to do something. Whether it is changing a tire, or setting up a website, Youtube has all of the content you need in order to learn something new. They have even invested money into producing more content to teach new skills. With 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute worldwide you will never have a shortage of information here.


Alison is another great resource for learning new skills. They offer tons of free courses on things like technology, languages, health, business, and much more. They offer certificates for the completed courses which can really help your cv or resume.

In Conclusion

Remote work is becoming more permanent now more than ever. Many people have begun looking for jobs that allow them to work from home. With all these resources there is no shortage of information to help you learn something new. Whether you simply want to learn how to tap dance or are looking to make a career change, you can certainly find anything you need.