The Uses for Drug Testing in Vineland, NJ

Drug testing is used in pre-employment decisions in Vineland, NJ. It will prevent employers from ending up with employees who prove unreliable, unproductive, or unsafe in their ways.

During this article, we will examine drug testing in Vineland, NJ to discover just how useful it has become to employers and the reasons why it should be carried out before employing personnel. We will also look at the type of tests that are conducted.

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The Uses for Drug Testing in Vineland, NJ

How Useful is Drug Testing?

Drug testing will allow employers, and others who need to know, to find out if the people that they are going to be working with are safe to have around. It is not just about protecting that person from harm but all those around them.

To drug test is the only way to be sure if someone potentially has a drug problem There are signs, but these are only clues of a drug habit or addiction. For example, someone might display a lack of control or not be very sociable. Dilated pupils will occur at the same time as a drug’s other effects.

It is hard to know if someone is on drugs before they begin working for a company because there is not then much to observe, except how they are at the interview. The drug test will find them out if they are a user because there is a definite test to determine the fact. It provides a result that is either positive or negative and there will be no disputing it. This precaution saves a company much time and money in employing the wrong type of people for its business.

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Reason for Drug Testing Employees

Drug testing employees is all about safety. An employer does not want to introduce new employees who are a health and safety risk to themselves or others.

Where someone is using dangerous equipment, their actions must not be impaired by drugs or alcohol. You can have safety guards, which are required by law, but you also need a safe person operating the machine.

Those driving the public around will need to be free from drugs or alcohol because it is a matter of the law and public safety.

Anyone treating patients in the medical profession can make life-threatening decisions and you would not want their thinking or practical skills impaired by drug use.

It is therefore vital to test all new employees to make sure a drug addiction is not going to compromise safety or compromise a person’s ability to do a job. Productivity can be reduced where workers are on drugs or alcohol. Reliability can be affected when employers start arriving behind their time. Lateness is disruptive and means not completing a full day’s work. It is better not to start with an employee you will only end up dismissing.

The Different Types of Drug Tests

The types of drug tests that will be conducted on employees include those that evaluate urine or hair. A DOT or Non-DOT drug test can be carried out on a urine sample. Also, labs will test for alcohol from breath or with an EtG alcohol test. Those addicted to one can often be addicted to the other.

A DOT drug test is regulated by the government, or the Department of Transportation, hence the acronym. It was in 1991 that US Congress passed its Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act as they identified that there was a need for employees to be alcohol and drug-free within the transportation industry. It is also a matter of safety within other jobs to test for drugs.

You can see then how just how important and useful sending a potential employer for a drug test is. Before employing someone, there is then that check to make sure they do not have a drug problem that can impact on their role and the safety of all staff around them, that the employer has a duty of care to keep safe.

It is peace of mind to know that an employee does not take drugs. It is an unpredictable habit that is sure to spell trouble and something that every company will want to stay clear of with its employees. Thankfully, it is possible to find online services in the Vineland, NJ region that offer drug testing services and lab facilities.

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