The Technology Behind Online Slot Machines

Do you ever wonder about the painstaking efforts that are behind your favorite online slot machines? Some are very straightforward with a very basic design, but you have others that pride themselves on implementing fancy yet complicated mechanics. In order to really understand how to make the most of your money, you need to learn how these machines work.

We have put together a quick guide to help you gain knowledge about the terms, mechanics, special features, and more. After you’re done, you’ll become an online slot pro!

Online Slot Machines

What do the Words Mean?

Before you start to play slots online here in the UK, you need to familiarize yourself with the terminology. You will be met with RTP, volatility, payways or paylines, scatters, wilds, and more.

The grid is where the game takes place. All the columns and rows together make up the playing grid. The lines, or reels, can come in different numbers. You may see 5×3 reels, which is quite common, but some have more, and some have less.

The RTP is the return to the player, meaning how much the slot game can yield. The hit rate is how often you get some sort of winning combination, and the volatility refers to the risk and stability of the game as well as the payouts.

A low volatility game might have more frequent wins, but the amount is small. A game that ranks high on the volatility scale will have less frequent payouts but much higher yields. It’s up to the player to decide which is more attractive.

Payways or sometimes called paylines, are the winning combination forms the slot game will allow. In general, the more payways a game has, the higher the max win is. These are all the factors a developer needs to think about when he or she is creating an online slot machine.

Then there are the more detailed considerations such as the scatter and wild symbols. Our resident slot expert Ella Houghton is very knowledgeable in online slot machines and their features and has provided invaluable facts for this article.

The Features

The special features and mechanics will also heavily impact the success of the game and your wins. The special features can come as bonus mini-games, infinite reel mechanics, free spins, falling symbols, and more. Multipliers are a great feature that will increase your wins ten-fold, and the stacked bonus is another feature we have found to be quite useful.


Then come the symbols and graphics. Developers usually center the design of the game on a specific theme. They will then create animations that are based on the same theme. This is also where the creators can showcase their unique skills and styles by using 3D modeling and illustrations to achieve a visual masterpiece.

The overall appearance of the game is the graphic designer’s job. He or she will create an atmosphere fitting to the overall theme to attract potential players.

Mobile Compatibility

A necessary feature for online slot machines in the modern age is mobile compatibility. This feature will ensure portability and for users to enjoy their favorite games wherever they go. These days, accessing your favorite slot game is as simple as downloading an app from the store.

Using mobile versions of the slot machines is also highly convenient as they incorporate other features such as reminders, notifications, and more to make sure you never miss out on a deal.

RNG (Random Number Generator)

The RNG, or Random Number Generator software, is key to the online slot application. The program’s job is to ensure fairness in the game by guaranteeing randomization. There will be no house edge in online slots as there would be in-person establishments.

Even if the outcome isn’t what you had hoped, players can rest assured that the games are not rigged. The RNG can be relied on to give all symbols a chance to appear on the grid and to give an equal opportunity to any player.

Sure, the RNG does keep things fair, but it suppresses the chance for enhancing skill when you’re playing an online game.


There is much to understand about online slots, but once you know full well what they can offer, it paves the path to greater wins.