Top 7 Technological Trends of the Decade

The world offers unlimited possibilities through its resources and the evolution of human capabilities. The capabilities of a person evolve in every generation and adopt the fast pacing of development, especially in technology. We are now living in a world where technology threatens the balance of the world. With technological innovation, the world is changing, where people can’t live without technology.

Here are the top 7 technological trends of the decade that changes the world:

Technological Trends of the Decade

Best Technological Trends of the Decade

#1. 4G LTE

The Internet is one of the most important factors for the evolution of technology. With the implementation of the 4G LTE to the smartphone, it was the most significant leap that occurs in mobile innovation. With the help of the 4G LTE, watching videos, downloads, playing games, and even loading a web page content was extremely fast that shocks the people all over the world.

The 4G LTE changes how the smartphone works. It becomes the center of how people should live. The innovation of games through smartphones has taken a significant leap with the help of 4G LTE. Streaming online through the smartphone was easier because of fast internet speed using 4G LTE. Opportunities and new capabilities were open-up when the 4G LTE was developed and released to the public.

#2. Apple iPad

When Apple iPad release in early 2010, many people were questioning the purpose of developing such a device. It is bigger than a smartphone and has a limited offer than a laptop. Years passed after it was released; it became a big hit in the market, especially for the kids, seniors, and students.

The market for laptops was going down due to the popularity of the iPad. Since the iPad was a big hit to the market, many tech companies follow what Apple has done to technological innovation and create their version of the iPad. It changes the perspective of the people towards the computer.

#3. Tesla Autopilot

When we talk about cars, most people talk about sports car-like Lamborghini, Porsche, Lexus, Nissan GT-R, and many more, but Tesla made a huge impact on automotive innovation. Tesla is known for it’s self-driving and electric cars. When other automotive companies innovate their car for looks and how fast it can run, Tesla innovates with the help of technology.

Tesla Model S is a successful franchise car for its auto-pilot vehicle. When people hear about Tesla cars, what comes to their mind is a self-driving car. Tesla successfully innovates an automotive vehicle with a technology-equipped within their cars.

#4. Cloud, AI, and Data

If we’re talking about technology trends throughout the decade, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, and Big data are one of the top lists. These three unlock new capabilities when it comes to storing data and upgrading the process of technology. From physical storage to cloud storage, it helps a lot not only for personal use but also for most of the mid and large enterprises.

Cloud storage is the primary storage that Apple uses for storing data online. Artificial Intelligence is a revolutionary development when it comes to technology. These three innovations change how the technology works. Without this, the direction of technology development will be different than what we have.

#5. Social Media

Social media is a hit, especially for Millenials. It is now easy to communicate with our loved ones through social media. Without social media, the world we live in right now might be different than what we used to be. Social media is a game-changer in our daily life as well in businesses.

Posting photos, sharing your wisdom and talent, and communicating with our family and relatives is the primary objective of social media. Most of the businesses saw an opportunity to promote their business in social media. At least 60 to 80 percent of the people all around the world are using social media. Promoting a product is much easier and more effective than advertising it through newspapers, radio, and TV.

#6. Airpods

When in terms of headphone innovation, AirPods were the most controversial development when Apple decided to release it in the year 2016. The target for Apple, when releasing this innovation to the public, is to eliminate the headphone jack and change it to a wireless earphone. It looks awkward at first, but eventually, other companies follow the innovation of a wireless headset.

#7. Streaming

Smartwatches have always been on the top of the list of the decade. Watch companies innovating from the usual casual watches like the Omega Speedmaster to a more advanced type like the smartwatches certainly was a big hit for both the new and old generation.

You can never go wrong with the features of a smartwatch. Multitasking has never been easier when these little fellas came out. You can now read texts while driving, and even track your health progress while exercising.


Technology adopts new things and creates unlimited possibilities that will change the world. We are now revolving in the world of technology. The technological trends that are happening now will continue to develop with new inventions and tricks. Technology innovation is still progressing, and it will continue forever.