SIP Calculator for Web, iOS and Android

Want to calculate projected return on your SIP investments?

SIP calculators are such tools that will provide insights on approximate return you may get from your SIP investments.

SIP Calculator

In this article, we will provide best SIP Calculator software (app and online) for web, iOS and Android that will help you to calculate return on mutual fund SIP.

Having a clear idea about return while investing is must and it gives you peace of mind. These calculators let you calculate the wealth gain and expected returns over a period of time for your periodic SIP investment. You will have rough estimate on the maturity amount for any monthly SIP considering expected annual return rate also called as CAGR.

SIP Calculator

But before we suggest such software, let’s understand what is SIP and how is works.

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is an investment tool for investing in mutual funds with smaller amount.

SIP is extremely useful when investor don’t have much amount in hand, but they have periodic income such as salaried person or retail investors.

Investor can invest small or large amount of money periodically such as weekly, monthly, quarterly. Monthly investment is most common type of investment cycle for SIP.

SIP is the more of strategic and indirect approach to invest mutual fund that will create wealth for long term.

If you are looking for long term investment, you should invest in SIP as it will leverage the power of compounding. On other hand, it reduce market volatility impact because of periodic investment.

Investing with SIP in a Mutual Fund is the way to avoiding the risks of equity investment while ensuring high amount of returns.

Let’s see how it works?

SIP is offered by fund houses and can be started through mutual fund distributors and nowadays also through some online platforms.

Here is the step by step process to start SIP investment:

  • KYC verification
  • Account opening with MF distributor or with fund house
  • Selecting mutual fund or funds
  • Decide and allocate amount
  • Decide and period
  • Initiate first transaction
  • Registering mutual fund with bank account for auto debit

And you are done.

Now you have conceptual information about systematic investment plan and how it works, we will move on to SIP calculators.

SIP calculator for Web (branded as SIP Calculator) is free online tool (website) to calculate approximate return on maturity for your SIP mutual fund investments.

It gives valuable insights such as wealth gain, amount invested and return with beautiful visual graphs.

You just need to enter amount to be invested, investment period and expected rate of return. Rest will be taken care by SIP calculator. It will then calculate approximate return and generate easy to understand graphs. This graphs are so easy that you will have clear idea in seconds about your expected return.

Let’s see the power of SIP calculator with example.

Suppose we want to invest 10,000 Rs. per month for 18 years with 12% expected rate of return.

Just open (it is secure as works on secure socket layer). It will look like this.

sip calculator

Now, we update the form with requested fields: our monthly amount will be 10,000; number of years will be 18; Expected CAGR will be 12%. After entering these values, when we click on ‘Calculate SIP Return’, it will generate 2 graphs and a summary based on calculations as below:


sip return summary

Summary will provide brief overview for your wealth gain and maturity return. In our case, total amount invested will be 21,60,000 Rs. and maturity amount will be 76,54,392 Rs.. That means return amount is approx. 3.5x of what invested originally.


mutual fund investment graph

mutual fund investment graph image

The first graph will show wealth gain against money invested. This will provide an overview on first sight.

While second graph is about how more number of years will impact on maturity amount. You can conclude from the graph that long term investment will help you to be rich for sure.

Suppose, if you invest same amount with same expected rate of return for more 9 years, for total 27 years. Your money invested will be 32,40,000 Rs and for which the maturity amount will be 2,43,67,362. That will be 7.5x of what invested originally for 27 years compared to 3.5x for 18 years.

Apart from being web based, it works flawlessly in mobile as it is fully mobile responsive. So in case if you need to do only few calculation and don’t want to install app for that, you can use directly in your mobile.

SIP calculator for iOS

From the multiple SIP calculator apps available for iPhone and iPad, Mutual Fund SIP Calculator is the finest app that will do the work for you.

Mutual Fund SIP Calculator is developed by Nilesh Harde and runs on iOS 9.2 or later.
Apart from SIP Calculator, it does have other rich features and calculators inside the app such as:

  • SIP Planner
  • Systematic Transfer Plan ( STP ) Calculator
  • Systematic Withdrawal Plan ( SWP ) Calculator
  • Share Details through other app like note, WhatsApp
  • Investment Details Table
  • Lump sum or initial investment
  • Yearly increase (Top Up) in Monthly Investment

Here are the screen shots:

sip calculator ios app

sip calculator ios app screenshot

SIP Calculator for Android

Nilesh Harde has also developed SIP calculator app for android which could be a good choice if you are calculating SIP return on android device.

Besides, I am listing another good app for android. SIP Calculator by Mobile Edge is installed more than 50,000 times and do have average rating of 4.1. It is very light with size of just 108 KB.

Below are the screenshots for the app:

SIP Calculator for Android app

sip calculator android image

It is better to use web based application to calculate SIP return because the nature of need. You need to calculate SIP return very often and for that nobody likes to download and keep an app inside a phone.

What’s your favorite way to calculate SIP return? Let me know in comments.