What has made the On Demand Beauty App a salon at your door step

on demand beauty app

There was a time when personalized services were solely the prerogative of the rich class, where a qualified field expert would come to your doorstep at a request and provide his services. The mobilization of technology and development of apps like the on demand beauty app to provide on demand and instant services has made it possible to have access to avail numerous services with the tap of their finger. The popularity of the democratizing services is enabling entrepreneurs to create a marketplace for these customer interface services and make them available at a reasonable or affordable cost. The technology has summed up an infusion of venture capital plus excess ideal resources into a cluster giving on demand service a perfect startup platform. The exciting process of interaction between the end-user and the service provider makes these startups much more efficient.

What has actually happened here is that the on demand service has saved a lot of time for people and there are many services which were hard to find or avail in the time of need. These On Demand apps have made it possible to easily connect with people and provide the service they require conveniently and easily from anywhere.
Let us understand today how the Uber for beauty service app works and how can it be useful to us.

The App is basically designed to provide beauty salon services to your doorstep at your convenience and time with the tap of your finger. Sometimes what really happens that you are tied up with other work and can’t make it up to the beautician or you may have an elderly or physically challenged at home who needs beauty services but cannot make it to the beautician? It is very much possible that you are feeling lazy and do not intend to leave your home. Well, in the above scenario the Beautician app comes in very handy and convenient.

Convenient, Affordable Beauty Service to your Door Steps

The professionals providing services in this space are the saloon chains or individual saloon or a freelance hair stylist. These professionals and freelancers are willing and happy to provide their service for an extra income. The on-demand platform has managed to boost up the ideal and excess resources to an opportunity to earn more with no strings attached to the business. The convenience factor plays a vital role both for the professionals who are offering the services and for working women or elderly women who may not be able to come out of the house. Freelance beauticians, hair stylist and individual saloons who find it difficult to market themselves find the platform very useful, affordable and convenient. From the perspective of the individuals requesting services, they have more options to choose from the palm of their hand, standing appointment can be availed at an instant. The professional will come to your home and do the same thing what he would do at a salon. This not only saves you time and travel cost to the salon, but most importantly it is affordable too, resulting in the viability of the concept.

Different Shapes of the On Demand Beauty Model

So far it has been established that the industry dynamics are making the concept viable for both the end users and suppliers offering their services to boost the on-demand model. Let us also understand the different shapes of the on-demand beauty service model. The beautician business model can have two shapes both on demand and on Site.

First Model – Resemble the Beauty Service App concept where you tap the button and select the service you like and someone comes to your door in about an hour and delivers you the service. Here the end user is not bothered who comes to the door and provides the service. The feasibility of this home service model is based on three factors stating standardization of services, standardization of pricing and payment methods and prompt service delivery.

Service standardization– Here the quality of service provided by the freelancers has to be top notch to maintain standards and have a happy customer to have repeat business. These platforms have serious boarding procedures where the freelancer or a stylish professional on board because of his talent and skilled work.

Standard Pricing– The prices are predefined on the App for each service you select and are reasonable to what you spend in a beauty salon there are no strings attached.

Prompt service– As soon as the request is generated by you over the App it starts reflecting on the freelancer’s mobile screen or anyone who has registered to offer beauty service. The standing request can easily be fulfilled because the app will start floating the request to all in the vicinity and someone who is just waiting for work would accept your request. The service would get more prompt with demand in the service.

The second Model– In this on-demand model the service provider or the freelancer may not be attached to the model and may use the platform to fill in the empty slots in their daily routine. What happens in this model is that the end user selects from among the professionals or freelancers available based on their profile, service provided, pricing and reviews. This is in contrast to model one where the platform dispatches the freelancer once the predefined criteria match the requirement.

Review Mechanism

The important requirement for the culmination of the on demand beauty apps is the review mechanism which should be solid at the recruitment level and at the end user level. Most of the startup companies providing home based on demand services have initiated reference check, profile scrutiny, skill test and in-house training of the professionals on board to have repeat customer and good reviews. A good review from the end user provides positive support to the skill and safety aspect of the user.

Author Bio: Lata Motvani works as a Digital influencer at V3cube.com. Use to write & influence latest trends of technology over the world.