Multi-Valve for HBO: Types, Functions and How to Select

The HBO system has a large number of all kinds of spare parts and components that are designed to provide correct, harmonious and stable operation of all equipment. The best LED fog lights could create bright and white beam which helps you see the direction through the darkness. If your plans do not include installation of gas-cylinder equipment on the car, your car drives gas, you will not be bothered to learn more about the operation of this system, at least in general terms.

Multi-Valve for HBO

How to Select Multi-Valve for HBO

There is no gas equipment without shut-off valves. In many applications of gas equipment, the shut-off valve performs a small number of functions (close-open, etc.). In automotive HBO, the multiplex valve became a shut-off valve, which combines more than 10 functions.

Today we will consider what a multivalve, type, basic functions are and how to choose it correctly.

The Role of the Multivalve in HBO

Multi-valve is one of the most important elements in gas-cylinder equipment, which is responsible for ensuring the safety of the entire system. The multivalve is equipped with a special clipping float, which is necessary to block access to incoming gas during refueling.

The cylinder should be filled with a maximum of 80-85%. It is very important that this rule is carried out without violations. The physical characteristics of the gas indicate the possibility of its expansion in volume with increasing temperature. This means that this aspect should be taken into account and there should be spare space for such actions.

What Is a Multivalve?

There are two types of multi-valves. More correctly, there are two classes – A and B.

The difference between them is the following: valve of class A are equipped with a special safety; in class B products it is absent.

In the rules for the use of multivalve, it is said that components of class B are recommended to be installed on cylinders up to 50 liters.

If the cylinder has a volume in excess of 50 liters, then valve of class A should be used.
Experts in this field strongly recommend the installation of exclusively multi-valve class A. They are able to protect the balloon from a possible explosion, in case of a fire, or during anomalously hot weather, when direct sunlight hits.

It should be noted separately that the multivalve is equipped with the important property, which consists in the presence of a special high-speed valve. It is designed for such cases when there is any violation of the integrity of the components of the gas main leading to the hood. If such a situation occurs the gas will begin to move faster, and normal fuel consumption will be exceeded, losses will begin. At this moment this device is triggered, which blocks the gas outlet from the HBO.

Main Functions of the Multivalve

The multivalve that is installed on HBO performs many various functions, the principle of its operation is quite simple and easy. It starts its work from the moment when the gas fuel enters the cylinder, it presses on the valve which is equipped with a float. After the float has risen and enters the special stem, the gases supply stops.

Today multi-valve HBO is a must have for every car owner who cares about his iron horse. Installing valve on the cylinder, its neck serves as a locking device that performs various functions:

  • Installation of the multivalve prevents overflow of the cylinder, blocks the possibility of its full filling, reserving about 15% of free space.
  • High-speed valve monitors how quickly fuel is delivered to the engine compartment and prevents leakage if the main pipeline is damaged.
  • Emergency valve serves as a safety measure in case of fire in vehicles.
  • The gas level sensor makes it possible to monitor its volume.
  • Check valve does not allow fuel to leak from the cylinder when the clamp is separated at the gas station.
  • Valve serves as a measure of forced overlapping of filling and main pipelines.

The multi-valve gas is closely connected with the ventilation unit to prevent the leakage of “blue fuel” in auto, under the circumstances when gas multivalve is depressurized. For this, special purpose hoses are taken out.

Are There Malfunctions of the Multivalve?

Malfunctions that are associated with the multivalve are a rarity, after several years of operation, HBO system can wear out, some problems are possible. Often to fix the malfunction, the motorist will have to change the valve completely.

Important! To avoid any malfunction in the multi-valve unit of the HBO timely and regular technical diagnostics must be carried out. Gas is an explosive and flammable fuel.

What to Look for When Choosing a Multivalve?

The choice of equipment depends primarily on the type of cylinder that is installed on the car. This can be a cylindrical or toroidal type. Devices have a special marking that will help you choose:

  • Cil – for cylindrical;
  • Tor – for toroidal.

For the correct operation of the device, it is necessary to take into account the actual capacity of the cylinder. Depending on this, choose the type of multivalve, “A” or “B”.

The dimensions of the tank are important for adjustment of float rod and tube. Experts advise choosing such sizes that it was not necessary to cut or shorten anything.

The choice of device is influenced by the size of the cylinder and the location of its installation. The valve is selected so that indicator is clearly visible, tap has free access, and all elements do not come into contact with the body or parts of the car.

Special attention should be paid to the quality of multivalve elements. It is strictly forbidden to install non-standard elements and customize the products of some manufacturers under the devices of other firms. The emergency valve or filling limiter may not work, which will lead to an explosion.

The main task of multivalve is to ensure the safety of the car while refueling with gas fuel. When you know what a valve is, what functions it performs, and what are the differences between different types of multivalve, we hope that you will not have difficulties in choosing this device. If you still doubt which multivalve to buy better, entrust this issue to professionals and consult with specialists of different companies that are engaged in installing HBO.