How to Remember a Password for Your Phone or Computer: The Best Tips

Get this: about 90 percent of participants in a recent survey said that they felt secure with their current password practices.

However, over 60 percent of people thought that using one code for everything fell under the category of “good password ideas” too.

Wondering how to remember a password like a pro?

From mastering how to save passwords to learning how to remember your password, here’s everything you need to know!

How to Remember a Password for Your Phone or Computer

How to Remember a Password

For those of you who are tired of researching “remember password ideas,” your search is over. The first step is to try to recall previous passwords that you may have used. Since most people recycle their passwords like crazy, it’s a great idea to brainstorm code that worked well for you in the past.

Even though most people have different passwords for different things, don’t be surprised if you unlock your code in one try. If this doesn’t work for you, have faith: sometimes, it’s not the password that you forgot, it’s the account that it’s actually linked to.

Our general rule of thumb is that the older the account is, the older the password will be. Another word of advice is to remember passwords that have an obvious connection to your life. Let us explain.

It’s shocking to find out how common it is for words like “cheeseburger” or “password” to be used for login purposes. If you’ve committed this password fail, then at least it’ll be easy to hack back into your account. Take a look at a couple of basic passwords below:

  • 123456
  • abc123
  • qwerty
  • iloveyou

Have you tried plugging in your birthday yet?

Crazily enough, entering your date of birth or your name could be the solution that you are looking for. Try spelling these codes backward to see if this works as well. As you might already know, most passcodes require numbers too.

So, we highly recommend that you add the number one to the very end of your passcode. Other popular numbers include your birth year. For example, if you were born in 1992, punching “1992” at the end of an obvious password may just work.

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More Ways to Recall Your Password

Okay, maybe you’re still having a hard time recalling your password. Here’s another tip. Think about the stage of life that you were in when you created the passcode.

You’d be surprised to learn how often people draw password inspo from their surroundings or their personal life. It’s also a smart idea to reflect on the time of life that you were in when you invented your code. This can unlock what may have influenced your password choice.

Did you have a pet or a significant other at the time?

If so, spending time reflecting on the past is useful if you are trying to recall passwords that are inspired by:

  • Your hometown
  • Your favorite sports team
  • Your best friend’s name

Be sure that you are typing your password properly too. Your problem could be as simple as misspelling a word or leaving the “Caps Lock” key on. This could explain why you’re having such a hard time when you’re 100 percent sure that the word is correct.

Here’s the catch: if you misspelled your password when you first created your account, there’s no way that you can correct this sort of mistake. That being said, you could always buy a password cracker as well.

Fortunately for you, there are several programs out there that are created to find lost passcodes. Although these are linked to hackers, businesses suggest this software as the best way to reenter locked devices.

If you’re feeling lucky, follow these tricks to regain entry:

  • Download password cracker software from another device
  • Place your software on a USB drive or a CD
  • Place your USB drive or CD into your device

Your password cracker software will break into the system to retrieve your account information. This is practical if you’re trying to find an OS password. Just don’t use this hack for anyone else’s account but your own!

Getting Your Account Data Back

If you’re a tech geek, then getting your account data back is probably your best bet. For the rest of us, try clicking on the “Forgot My Password” button. Luckily, almost every site has this option available for forgetful users.

Select the “Forgot” button and read the instructions to change your password. Better yet, using a “non-email password” site like Facebook makes resetting passwords extremely easy. Expect to receive an email that will help you to either create a new password or reset your current password.

Otherwise, old-fashioned email sites like Hotmail will give you the chance to link your account to a more recent account too. In that case, regaining entry into your own account will be as simple as if it were a Facebook page.

Try to remember the answer to the secret questions on your account. If you’re accessing an email account that’s not linked to another account, then answering your question correctly is your only shot. Although this won’t bring your password back, it’ll help you to regain entry into your account.

Also, consider contacting your service provider for additional password assistance. This won’t help you to retrieve the original password either, but it might assist you with getting into your account again. Even though you’ll have to prove your identity, some service providers will let you reclaim your account by messaging or calling them.

But here’s the thing. This process can take a really long time, so you have to be patient if you decide to go this route!

Avoiding Password Loss in the Future

So, you’ve remembered your password. Now what?

If you ask us, the most important step is to avoid losing your password in the future. To do this, you’re going to have to think up the most memorable passcode that you possibly can. However, you don’t want to make your password so complicated that you can never remember it.

For those of you who are having a difficult time, combine a few memories into a single password. Just recall something that’s distinctly “you,” such as your favorite:

  • Home-cooked dish
  • Comic book character
  • Fiction novel

Another way to tell that you have an iron proof password is to look at the indicator that’s on most sites. This will tell you how strong your password truly is. Adding numbers or symbols to your password will immediately boost your account security.

Now that we’ve got that covered, jot down your passwords and store them in a private envelope. After you seal your envelope, leave the outside of it completely blank. If not, you can mislabel the envelope to trick sneaky roommates or relatives who come across it.

What should you do if you lose your password online?

If you tend to lose things, give your envelope to a trusted loved one or friend. While this is not recommended, it could be the last resort for regaining entry into your account.

Don’t forget about investing in an online password manager either. This is very helpful if you use different passwords for each account. On the bright side, this software will auto-fill in the blanks for you.

The downside is that this fancy software isn’t cheap. But it might be worth it if you’re worried about getting hacked.

Still haven’t got the code? When all else fails, there’s only one answer: to change login password information!

Solve Your Password Problems Now

If you’re having a hard time learning how to remember a password, you’re really not alone. No matter if you’re looking for Android or iPhone password ideas, we’re here to help.

With these easy-to-follow passcode hacks, you’ll break back into your account in seconds. Want to know a secret?

Most people name their passwords after something important to them, like their favorite sports team or best friend’s name. If that doesn’t work, you can always try the obvious, such as entering your birthday or your name.

For those of you who are feeling super frustrated, you can’t go wrong with buying a password code hacker to get back into your system. On the other hand, contacting your service provider is a quick fix as well.

Admit it: there’s nothing better than resetting your password after weeks of trying to crack it. Now, all that you have to do is remember it!

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