How To Choose the Best Material for Your Phone Case?

You may have noticed this question, “what’s the best phone case material?” and it is also one frequently asked question. There’re a lot of materials used for making the iPhone cases, from simple ones like plastic, leather to exotic materials like real leather, fiber, and aramid fiber. But, you must select real carbon fiber phone cases. Some are much better than others and can provide you better protection in an event of a fall, whereas others come scratch-resistant. Today, let us go through all of them and get a better knowledge of their strengths & weaknesses.

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Best Material for Your Phone Case

Plastic Case

Plastic is a common material that is used to make cell phone cases. You can see the plastic covers everywhere. It’s the cheapest & handy cover for mobiles. The polycarbonate & polypropylene are a hardest plastic material that is used to make mobile phone covers. The plastics are very hard that the bulletproof windows can be made from them. And therefore, the plastic makes your phone safe.

Another advantage of the plastic material is they make very protective, rough as well as tough mobile covers. You will find them at an affordable price when compared to other materials out there to make the mobile cases. You can find a complete range of colors and varieties with different types of mobile phone covers. It is simple to access, the grip is firm and strong, and thus changes will be less than it can slip from the hand and pocket. The plastic covers come dustproof as well as waterproof.

But, the major disadvantage of the plastic material is they will smell very badly after using it for some days & are damaged. And, normally, the covers might look cheap and tacky, you need to be careful and find the right one.


If you have a habit of dropping your phone by accident, then you must invest in a real carbon fiber iPhone 7 case or silicone phone case. Search for the cases known as “touch cases”. This has materials such as silicone that are good shock absorbers. Most of the shock-absorbent phone cases are with silicone interior. You may find silicone at the edges & sides of a case.

Most of the silicone mobile cases come with some other material kinds such as polycarbonate material. You must check the case for the military drop test. It tells you how much worthy this product is for military use. If the rating is higher, it can stand up to the falls & drops better. Some mobile phone case makers protect against dust, water, or other kinds of damage.

Carbon Fibre

The carbon fiber is made of the strands of carbon & weave them together to make the material that is must stronger than steel. There’s a limited range of color & appearance in fiber cases. However, for people who are searching for a sleek and futuristic look, it works much better.


Another material used in mobile phone case is rubber and it best material for the shock-absorbing. It is flexible, soft, as well as affordable. Unlike polycarbonate or other similar materials, the rubber offers a very good grip.

The rubber phone covers are the key investments in case you plan to sell your mobile phone to get the new one later. Keep in mind to buy quality rubber cases from the trusted sellers. Or, you may spend on low-quality reproductions & risk phone damage.


The wood cases are a novelty item and they are not widely available in the stores, but you can find them on the internet.