Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits

In recent years, the Himalayan salts lamp has become popular across the globe attributed to the ambiance they bring in a room thanks to their pinkish-orange color in addition to the alleged benefits ranging from purifying the air to preventing cancer. The Himalayan salt lamps are huge pieces of pure Himalayan Salt the glows pink when a small light bulb or heat source is placed inside. The pink glow is primarily attributed to a high concentration of minerals which reflect light. Himalayan salt is sourced from Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan and is distributed all across the globe.

The Himalayan salt can serve as a beautiful interior decoration in addition to acting as a natural source of light. However, the benefits of Himalayan salt crystals extend far beyond aesthetics. In the presence of light, the chunks of salt produce negative ions which is the basis of its benefits. Placing a Himalayan salt lamp in every room of your home has both health and environmental benefit as discussed below.

Himalayan salt lamp

#1. Neutralize electromagnetic radiation

In today’s technological world, we experience massive electromagnetic (EM) radiation emitted by electronic devices including smartphone, computer, television, tablet, appliances among others. Long term exposure to electromagnetic radiation from such devices has been linked to disease conditions including chronic fatigue, increased stress levels and decreased immunity which could be fatal. Himalayan salt crystals when exposed to sufficient light release negative ions which cancel out positive ions neutralizing the electromagnetic radiation emitted by electronics. With electromagnetic radiation canceled out, artificial frequencies are reduced thereby avoiding static buildup which causes thunderstorms that may be destructive and life-threatening.

#2. Purifies the air we breath

Himalayan salt lamps have been established to have an immense capability of removing pollen, dust, cigarette smoke, and other air contaminants. The salt crystals purify the air through the process of hygroscopy where the salt crystal attracts and absorbs contaminated water molecules from the atmosphere and harbors them within the salt molecules. The removal of air contaminants drastically decreases the incidence of pulmonary complications within the general population and particularly in your home.

#3. Improves breathing and boosts blood flow

Several studies have shown that the cilia (microscopic hairs) lining the windpipe(trachea) functions more effectively in the presence of negative ions as compared to the presence of positive ions which decrease the cilial activity. The increase in cilial activity in the presence of negative ions filters foreign particles and ensures that you only breath in clean air thereby keeping your lungs cleans. Negative ions released from the Himalayan salt lamps improves blood blow and alleviates several disorders of the vascular system such as heart attack and cardiac arrest which are the leading cause of fatalities in older people.

#4. Improves Sleep

You will sleep well when you hung a Himalayan salt lamp in your room. The presence of a high concentration of positive ions in your bedroom significantly reduces blood and oxygen supply to the brain thus resulting in irregular sleep patterns. Negative ions emitted by Himalayan salt lamp cancels out the positive ions enhancing regular sleeping patterns. The salt lamp also provides a dim, mood-enhancing light which promotes relaxation and aid in sleep.

#5. Improve Mood.

Negative ions emitted by the Himalayan salt lamp have been established to alleviate the effects of seasonal depression (SAD) and other forms of depression. A high concentration of negative ions in the body significantly improves tryptophan and serotonin metabolism, leading to an antidepressant effect. Excessive concentration of tryptophan and serotonin are the major causes of a bad mood.

#6. Reduces stress and enhances concentration and performance

The ambient color emitted by the Himalayan salt lamp in addition to negative ions have been established to be effective for the substantial reduction of stress, attention deficit disorder, and prompts general relaxation crucial in easing the effects of stress. The reduction in stress enhances overall performance in addition to improving concentration. A high negative ion concentration in the body also promotes the release of the “feel good hormone,” serotonin which generally creates a sense of happiness.


To conclude, the Himalayan salt lamp hosts great health and environmental benefits. While some benefits have been scientifically proven others such as improving sleep hasn’t been fully justified and it’s still under extensive research. Nonetheless, the salt lamp is an environmentally friendly light source and certainly creates a sense of style, relaxation, and ambiance in your home. You should, therefore, give it a try to realize its vast benefits.

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