Five Best Apps That Help Increase Productivity for Common Tasks

In today’s fast-paced world, it is common for professionals to struggle with multiple tasks and many deadlines.

In these circumstances, productivity is the key to success when you are buried under such piles of incomplete tasks. With all the distractions that come along with technological advancement, it becomes all the more difficult.

Luckily, technology has progressed to such an extent that today applications, tools, and electronic devices exist for almost every other task.

Certain apps are designed particularly for improving productivity by helping users organize things, set reminders, manage and automate tasks, etc.

If you are struggling with university workload or feel buried under job expectations, productivity apps can help you overcome procrastination, escape bad work habits, and enhance focus; online calendars, organization tools, notepads, and much more.

Best Apps That Help Increase Productivity

With that said, the following are some of the best apps for enhancing productivity:

Best Apps To Increase Productivity

#1. 1Password

Ever struggled with a password that was ‘just at the tip of your tongue but slipped into the jumble of many others you have?

Perhaps you are not managing your passwords well enough. After all, we tend to have innumerable accounts for different purposes and it is not humanly possible to retain them all in your memory at all times.

Fortunately, password managers exist to deal with this particular problem. 1Passoword keeps all your passwords secure in one place that you can access with a single password.

Install the app, enter in all your current passwords, and secure them with a password for the app. The app also lets you generate new strong passwords.

1Password is useful in a variety of ways, including digital estate planning. If you’re wondering how to handle digital estate planning with 1Password, it isn’t hard at all.

For digital estate planning, you take stock of your digital assets like online accounts, data on personal devices, cloud-based storage data, hard drives, etc.

Having a password manager like 1Password will help when you note down details and calculate assets for your digital estate.

You will only have to remember one password to the app, and the rest you can pull up with a single click.


To-do lists are a must-have if you aim to enhance productivity. While physical to-do lists help, they are not as effective as online tools that let you set reminders, schedule tasks, and prioritize. is an app that lets you customize a to-do list and locate deadlines in a calendar. You can create lists, note down tasks and sub-tasks, share your to-do lists, set due dates, reminders, etc.

What is cool about this app is that you can access your tasks on all devices that you have logged into as it syncs all tasks automatically.

This app is compatible with Windows, Mac, Web app, iOS, and Android, so if you have any of these devices and wish to organize your schedule and make it more productive, is a wonderful solution.

#3. Trello

One very useful multipurpose management app is Trello, a platform where you can work collaboratively in teams and track deadlines.

Here you get to add tasks to a ‘to-do,’ ‘going,’ and ‘done’ statuses and group them onto Trello boards and cards. You can also add files as attachments onto cards from where team members can access them and use instant messages to keep in contact with all team members.

Tasks can be assigned to group members with specific deadlines using this platform. This tool is particularly useful for teams for scheduling and managing projects.

Its checklist feature lets you break projects into smaller tasks and check them off until the status bar reaches 100% complete.

An additional feature you can use is its ready-made templates created by industry leaders.

#4. Serene

Serene is the perfect tool for people working from home as freelancers or otherwise. When at home, the environment is very different compared to office-based jobs.

Distractions are at their peak, and time management is extremely difficult as there is no strict watch or fixed office hours.

Serene works as a tool you can use to set goals for each day and divide them further into smaller targets. This tool, unlike many others, also blocks out other websites or apps on your phone so that you don’t get distracted.

You can set the session timer to keep track of the amount of time spent on each target and avoid procrastination and wastage of time. Its background music feature can be enabled to improve focus during the task.

#5. Forrest

The greatest enemy in the way of productivity is your phone itself. While some apps on your phone help improve productivity, other major distractors like social media can be a terrible roadblock to productivity and quick task completion.

Forrest is an app that helps you reduce time spent on your phone and, in turn, helps you spend more time on productive tasks.

With this app on your phone, you will earn credit for not using your phone a lot. It works more like a productivity game where a virtual tree is planted every 5 minutes your phone is not in use.