Effective Tools for Marketers to Use during Quarantine and Why They Should Buy Followers on Instagram

The COVID-19 pandemic has put businesses in a very tough situation. Many of them have had to shut shop temporarily while others are struggling to meet customer demand fighting shortages and disruptions in the supply chain.

If you are a business owner, you have two strategies that you can consider; either you can decide to retreat in the face of the environmental uncertainties and lie low till it blows over or you can take it an opportunity to consolidate your market position with aggressive content marketing.

As savvy marketers will perhaps appreciate that taking a low-key position will reduce your brand’s memorability and it will be difficult to regain lost ground after the pandemic passes. On the other hand, by maintaining high visibility with relevant content, you can ensure that you will come out of the situation stronger even though your ability to serve customers may be limited at this juncture.

By using diverse tools, you can ensure that you can generate engaging content and target it properly for the best impact on your Instagram followers. Some of the most useful tools to overcome the challenges of the pandemic described:

Buy Followers on Instagram


For most marketers on Instagram, the single most important challenge is to build a large follower base. While newbie marketers can always buy followers on Instagram for nominal amounts, you can use ViralRace to push your content to a very large audience who would be most interested in it.

The tool allows brand marketers to send the business profile to a very large number of people, out of which those who are interested will then be encouraged to follow the account. The tool benefits from an inbuilt AI engine that can target followers using geotags to obtain high-quality leads.

This is the feature that is most interesting to Instagram marketers as it allows them to build a follower base comprising real people who are interested in their businesses rather than using bots to acquire fake followers, which anyway are of little use in boosting engagement and assisting conversions.

Experts recommend ViralRace as a must-have Instagram marketing tool for those interested in building long-term market traction.


Figma is an innovative online design application interface that is rated very high by experts for team-based collaborations. Figma enables collaboration among your team members in real-time, allowing all to simultaneously log into a design project and making changes to it. Because it is always online and all the changes are saved in the file instantaneously, no team member can be out of sync.

Using Figma means that you no longer have to bother yourself with transferring files between the members of your team or using third-party data storage. The online nature of the tool permits you to have a meeting with the client from a remote location with great ease as the client can view the same design as you at all times and see the recommended changes being implemented in real-time. Even though it is an online application, you can still keep on working on the files that are already open even if you lose connectivity.

Figma also gives you the convenience of working on desktop versions on both Windows and iOS even though it is browser-based. Since the base version of Figma is free, it scores over Adobe for small business owners who are facing a budget squeeze due to the pandemic.

Buy Followers on Instagram and Use BuzzSumo to Take It to the Next Level

Since the pandemic has caused many of the brands to go easy on marketing themselves using influencers, the bottom has fallen out of their rates.

According to some Instagram marketing experts, you can now get the same micro-influencers for about half the amount of what they were charging before the pandemic struck. This means that this is a very good opportunity for engaging micro-influencers affordably and boosting the content delivery on your feed. Because your followers have more time on their hands, they are spending more time on social media, including Instagram.

However, according to searchenginejournal.com, influencers should fit your brand’s personality for the marketing campaign to be effective. BuzzSumo gives you details of the follower counts of each influencer along with their average engagement rate and ranking. It is the perfect tool for businesses that are looking to ramping up their follower counts and increasing their brand awareness during the pandemic to take advantage of the boom that will surely follow when things return to normal.


Marketing even in the best of times can be quite tricky but the ongoing pandemic has resulted in all-round chaos. Despite there being no immediate clarity on how the pandemic will proceed during the forthcoming months, brands that wish to bounce back stronger than before will do well to put their marketing strategy under the scanner and figure out an appropriate course of action. Using some of the discussed tools can significantly help them in their efforts.