Best Tip on How to Convert PDF to JPG Files

There are so many types of image formats we can use digitally. There are TIFF, PNG, GIF, RAW, INDD, and so on. But the most widely used is the Joint Photographic Experts Group or JPEG or JPG. We typically run across it every day because of its excellent lossy compression image quality that decreases its file size. It is also the most interactive format.

Images in PDF files tend to be in low resolution, and therefore not suitable for printing. Sometimes, pictures may become distorted, too. Thus, if you need an image from a pdf file, we recommend converting the file back to a JPEG file to restore its elements. Here, we will share our best tips on converting PDF to JPG files and our reasons.

How to Convert PDF to JPG Files

Best Tip: Use GogoPDF online PDF to JPG converter tool

There are various ways on how to convert PDF to JPG files. We have tried all the offline and online tools and methods, and GogoPDF raised standards. This online service provider has better features to address the concerns of an average user. Below, we will answer the questions that usually pop out when choosing what tool to use.

Question 1 – Online tool? Is it easy to access?

Yes, it is an online tool, and yes, it is easy to access. All you need is to link your device to an internet connection. Once done, open any browser you have on any of your devices and go to, and you can start using their online tools. The usual tedious creating of a personal account, signing up, and logging in to use services only does not apply, except if you have a premium account.

Question 2 – Is their website interface user-friendly?

Yes, the GogoPDFs interface is user-friendly. When you open their site, you will find that all icons there are free-to-use 30 online conversion tools, including the PDF to JPG converter. No ads are popping anywhere, now and then. The instructions on how to use their converter are right below the users’ toolbox to further guide users.

Question 3 – Is GogoPDFs PDF to JPG converter tool easy to use?

Yes, their online tool is easy to use. Once you are on the toolbox page, you have to upload your files. You can either select your files from your device’s drive and drag and drop them to the converter tool or click select files on the device and click upload. The conversion process will start immediately after uploading. After those few clicks, you’re now JPG files are ready for download.

To sum up, the conversion steps include connecting to the internet, opening the GogoPDF website, choosing how to upload target files, uploading your PDF files for conversion on their toolbox, the automatic conversion process, and downloading of the converted files. That is easy to use.

Question 4 – How fast is the GogoPDF conversion process?

The GogoPDF PDF to JPG conversion process is swift. However, the actual speed will vary, depending on two variables, the size of the file and internet connection speed. If you have fast, the process will be quick. The smaller the PDF file size, it means it is faster for the tool to convert. Nevertheless, the conversion process won’t go for more than 5 minutes.

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Question 5 – Is the GogoPDF website and conversion tool safe to use?

Yes, both are safe to use. GogoPDFs website uses 256-bit SSL Encryption, which is a high level of security for files and information. Simultaneously, all their online tools and server are programmed to auto-delete all files processed on their server after an hour, permanently. They also have a privacy policy. As soon as the user exits their website, their files can no longer be accessed from GogoPDF.

Question 6 – How will you describe the end product?

GogoPDF guarantees all their PDF to JPG conversion toolbox users the highest quality JPG file it can create, the fastest they could. Only that, if the image on the original PDF file is already distorted or blurry, their converter will not repair it for you. They can also transform a file into another single file or multiple PDF files to various high-grade JPG files.


So, there you have it. The best tip we can give for average users who wish to transform their PDF to JPG files is using the GogoPDF online conversion tool. It can safely deliver high-grade JPG files fast, in a few simple steps.

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