Android App Development Technologies for Illness Tracking Solutions

The technology prevalent today has efficient solutions to problems relating to all the spheres of life. The primary use of technology is to make day-to-day tasks easier. There is an app for everything today.

From an app for recipes to an app that counts your steps; android app development has progressed into every sphere of life. It has even moved further with illness tracking solutions that prove to be useful for all kinds of users.

Here are some of the best Android technologies for illness tracking solutions.

Android App Development Technologies for Illness Tracking Solutions

Workout Plans and Activity Tracking

The fitness tracking platforms today offer workout solutions to the user. There are several categories, and the app identifies the exact workout requirement according to the problem.

For example, if the user is looking for weight loss training, the app should provide the exact relevant exercise for that purpose. For this, the app should use video tutorials for the user so that they can exercise while looking at their phone.

The app should also be able to perform activity tracking of the user like the steps walked, the calories lost, sleeping patterns, and running distances. This is very helpful in using the app for health and activity measurements.

Push Notifications

There should be such notifications that should keep the users updated about any changes or upgrades in your Android app development project. For example, if the app has introduced any new tracking activity, it should notify the user. Similarly, if there are any paid plans or add-on features, the app should duly inform the user in time.

There are also such notifications that notify the health-related activities of the user. For example, if the app is concerned with female health activities, it will provide relevant notifications regarding the user’s ovulation and menstrual cycle. Similarly, the app may notify the user to check his diabetes to remind the daily activity.

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Sharing Data

The app should be able to allow multiple users in a limited space to share health-related data with each other. For this, the user should have a personalized account that should display all the health-related activity records of the user.

The user should be able to share only the selected activity-related information with the other users. For example, if the user is exercising remotely and wants to share their running distance details with their fitness trainer, they can do so with a touch.

Interaction with Trainers

The app development technologies today allow the user to connect with the trainers or doctors within the interface. The API platforms today aim at bringing a network of users together for better interaction purposes. There are also doctor consultations within the app that the users can use for seeking consultations at the comfort of their home.

The users can connect either through chat or with video to connect with the trainers and doctors. The app is a great medium today to gain business. The API connects the user and the provider together and derives sales through the app.

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Subscriptions and Updates

Through the app developments today, the user can subscribe and enroll in the newsletters of the app. This gives the user full information about any recent offers within the app. The app will notify the user about any updates within the app or any such new subscriptions available.


The app should have a geo-location feature as a development practice so that it notifies the user about the nearby fitness centers or medical help that they can visit.

Besides fitness enthusiasts, every other person uses illness tracking and fitness tracking apps that comply with the recent android app development parameters. So, work with experts who can offer you the best and highly customized solutions.

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