5 Great Facts on Google [Infographic]

The world really has come a long way in no small part thanks to Google’s search engine.

Need Proof?

How about the fact that when Google’s services went down for 5 minutes it caused a 40 percent worldwide drop in internet traffic!

That’s insane!

We’ve come to depend so much on Google to find the information we’re looking for and although Google is not the only search engine around, it definitely is the largest.

In fact:

Google handles over 1 billion search requests daily!

That takes over a million PCs to pull off in case you’re wondering.

Here’s an entertaining infographic provided by our friends at MigratoryMaps that lists some pretty neat facts on the search giant.

Get this:

If you’re ever feeling bored and need a quick break to recharge, you can actually type in “atari breakout” into Google Images and the game will pop up for you to enjoy!

It actually works!

It’s so cool that Google would incorporate neat little party tricks like this into its search engine.

Google even hosts a pet T-REX right outside its corporate headquarters!
The reason?

The skeleton serves as a reminder to employees to not let Google go extinct!

Here’s some more interesting facts about Google which you can read right here:

Facts on Google Infographic