Movie Download Sites That Are Completely Legal

Movie Download Sites That Are Completely Legal
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Movie Download Sites

Whenever we want to relax from heavy work load we love to watch our favorite movie. There are some movie download sites available from where you can download movies free of cost. There are some free movie streaming sites where you can watch new and old movies free of cost. Are you a lover of anime movies? We have covered some anime streaming sites.

Cinema halls are the best place to watch movies, those big screens and surround systems make it a better experience but what if you can’t arrange a gateway or time from your busy schedule? What if you get a sudden urge to watch an old super hit movie from your favorites? The obvious answer is you will download them. But the problem is when you search for any good movie downloading site it will show many illegal third party sites in the search results which just keep redirecting you to spam sites.

Recent news is also making people aware not to download anything from torrent sites as piracy destroys millions of revenue. Malware and viruses in illegal torrent sites can send your data to the hacker’s database and in turn, can attack your system. Don’t worry we have listed top 10 free movie download sites to that too legally just for you.

Movie Download Sites

Best best sites to download movies:

The Internet Archive:

This is one of the biggest movies gold mine and that too a legal one. This site is the best site to download movie legally. You can download from a huge collection whenever you want and if you want to download in the torrent format you can do that also. It has a huge repository which consists film from back seventies to recent ones ranging in different category from sci-fi, funny to drama. The site is optimized for mobile devices also so that you can watch the movies on the go.

This site hosts a massive collection of movies, TV shows and even has stand-up comedies. Along with newly released movies, it has also old documentaries, comedies movies from early 40-50’s and different variety of art movies and short films of different languages. They select the most watched and famous hit movies from different public domains and put them in one place for you. It is regularly updated with new contents.


Who hasn’t heard the name? It’s like the best search engines for videos. They have a deck of free movies which is updated regularly. Some of them you have to buy but most of them are free. One can also download different types of movies for free at YouTube RED. You just have to pay a minimum amount for registration purposes in YouTube Red. Its movie download sites from where you can download the available movies from any YouTube video download website and that too in the available quality. You just have to search the name then you will get a couple of results and each will be of a different quality so that you can download as per your preference of the resolution.

Public Domain Torrents:

This site is very famous free movie download sites and has one of the largest databases of movies from every genre. You just have to sign up and boom you can access as many movies you want and that too legally. One can also get a recommendation of the same types or genres of movies he/she downloads more often. You can also download the high-quality file and do the encoding as per your need and preference. One can also find films from early 50’s and 30’s if he/she digs deeper. From global issues to war documentaries to the environment and society documentaries you can find it all. They have their own list of top 100 documentary movies of all time for enthusiasts.

Free Classic Movies

As the name suggests it is well known for having a collection of classic movies. It’s for those old movies buffs who are crazy about the black and white period. This free and legal site has a lot of TV shows and movies in store. You can filter different genres as per your taste and mood like horror, romance, love, tragedy, cartoon, Sci-Fi, mystery and much more. They will also notify you if there is any new content available for downloading purposes. You can get movies from early 1900 to even late 1800.

The collection of movies there is very rare and some are not even on illegal torrent sites. This is the reason they are famous within classic movie buffs. The original Lone Ranger, Moby Dick are some of the most watched and downloaded films from their site. One can find the movies easily just by selecting the genre filter from the left most and it will sort the movies list accordingly.


It is another huge site for videos and movies. It’s functioning and services are very close to YouTube. One can download movies easily from their site. Still, if you have any issues you can use external third party extensions for the browser. Or software like IDM for that purposes. You just have to search for your movie and they will give you all the results related to it and in all available resolutions.

So start downloading movies legally from these sites and get theatre like feel. The most important thing is you can save the movies in your external hard drive and watch them as many time you want with your friends. So grab your bowl of just baked popcorn and chill.

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