Top 4 Payroll Management Softwares in 2022!

It can be easily said that our businesses are running because of the employees that are working for us. At the very least, we should pay their wages on time. A bonus here and there sounds nice, but figuring out finances for each and every employee every month will be a pain! In addition, when a company grows, so do its employees.

When it comes to beginning a business, one of the most difficult problems in dealing with employees and their cash. Finance and accounting are put to the back of the line when there are so many parts of a corporation to deal with. The accounting side of a business must be completely error-free and tailored to each individual employee. When it comes to payroll management, it’s important to consider things like income tax filing, deductions, incentives, and leaves, among other things. That is why some businesses choose Payroll Software, which interacts easily with an attendance tracking application and manages their employees’ salaries while also saving time!

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Payroll Management Software

Here are the top 4 most effective payroll software in India:

#1. Razorpay


Razorpay was founded in 2014 and is now one of the top online payment management tools for small and large enterprises in India. More than 350,000 companies in the United States use the company’s electronic payment solutions.

Payroll software for small and medium businesses is RazorpayX Payroll. The software was created to handle everything related to payroll, from onboarding new employees to automating compliance payments and completing tax returns.

The program removes the need for manual payroll processing. It also automates TDS, PF, ESI, and PT compliance payments, as well as their quarterly filings, salary payout, reimbursements, leave management, and more.

RazorpayX Payroll also offers specialized customer service to its subscribers at no additional cost.

#2. uKnowva HRMS

uKnowva HRMS

Uknowva HRMS, a wholesome all-in-one human resource management solution has cutting-edge software that combines information technology with HR software operations to aid businesses in processing payroll in compliance with all regulatory standards, along with a plethora of other features and modules.

Uknowva aspires to close the ‘digital gap.’ Its HRMS platform is built for scalability and ease of use. This is addressed by new generation business solutions, which bring together workflow, cognitive insights, and intuitive user interfaces to manage HR concerns with features like recruitment engine, attendance and leave management, employee engagement, social intranet and much more!

Uknowva also interfaces with other critical business systems to guarantee that workers are paid accurately, on time, and on budget. Employees may generally make changes to their personal information, payment preferences, and other data via software.

#3. Saral PayPack

Saral PayPack

Saral PayPack is a complete payroll solution that meets all of your demands. It is a one-stop shop for your quest because it meets all of the most common payroll management system software needs. This is the best option for payroll automation.

Saral PayPack has a comprehensive attendance system that allows you to keep track of your personnel. Its ability to design various payrolls based on organizational needs, as well as thorough coverage of all applicable tax regulations, are just a few of the advantages. It contains country-specific bank information for employee pay bank transfers because it is a globally utilized platform. Employees can also fill out their own tax information. This solution may be used by businesses of all sizes, including startups, small to medium-sized businesses, and multinational corporations.

#4. GreytHR


GreytHR Program is software for managing people. The business caters to small and medium-sized businesses, and it is well-versed in the field of human resources and payroll. GreytHR, unlike other organizations, is a business-centric firm. As a result of this, as well as ongoing input from thousands of consumers, the solutions become more user-friendly and relevant to your requirements.

GreytHR has over 20 years of expertise in providing simple and hassle-free payroll software to its customers. One of GreytHR’s most desired features is the ability to generate reports quickly. It is India’s premier cloud-based payroll software that manages all elements of payroll and complies with all legal requirements. The software also handles automated reimbursements, loans, and advances.


Payroll software is a must-have for any business owner who wants to see his or her company expand. This is due to the fact that payroll software will undoubtedly save time, worry, and money. Money because manual calculations can occasionally result in costly errors, draining the company’s hard-earned funds.

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