How to Make a New Amazon Account after Being Banned?

Selling on Amazon can either skyrocket your business or completely ruin your career. The first option is pretty clear; you operate your business on Amazon, do everything by the book, follow its policies, provide good customer service and therefore, have many orders and a big, fat income. However, no one wants to talk, and even think, about the second option, when Amazon suspends your account and you’re left with nothing. Unfortunately, such things happen and we should do everything possible to avoid the superior sanctions from Amazon, right?

One of the most popular things that sellers do is opening a new account after having the first one got suspended. Let us upset you a bit: it will lead to another suspension, and we will explain why.

Look at the following example: you’re operating your business on Amazon, and it seems that you haven’t infringed Amazon’s policies, intentionally, at least… And suddenly, Amazon sends you an email notifying that your account has been deactivated. What some sellers would do is immediately go on Google; do some research and contact agencies like Got Suspended? Which offers Amazon account services, meanwhile others, especially the newcomers who have nothing to lose, decide to open a new account? This happens quite often because most of the sellers believe that selling on Amazon is really easy…

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Make a New Amazon Account after Being Banned

It isn’t!

So, here’s the question of the day: how can we create a new Amazon account after getting suspended? The answer is unfortunately not promising due to some factors. Let us tell you a short story about a seller who got suspended and decided to call seller support and understand what they can do to reinstate their seller account. The operator who was assisting the seller told them that the suspension case was too heavy, and wouldn’t be reinstated; the only solution would be opening a new account with new bank information, emails and so forth; but that’s the whole point! Amazon not only suspends your seller account but also suspends you as a seller. This means that your identity remains in the database of Amazon, so you can create numerous accounts with completely different information, but you are still YOU, a seller who got suspended. Which means you’ll likely end up suspended.

Look at Amazon seller accounts from a different perspective. You have only one shot in a LIFETIME for this, so don’t miss it! If Amazon gave ignorant and ill-mannered sellers another chance at opening new accounts, it wouldn’t have been the eCommerce giant by now! This is why you should always be careful with Amazon, its customers and its policies; they say that the greatest treasure is invisible to the eye, but here we are, looking at Amazon’s treasure right now!

Lucky for you, we’re not that pessimistic! Truth be told, there are ways of opening new accounts after your old one is suspended, provided that you take safety precautions like separating all the information on the new account from the old one. We can help you with that with our Amazon suspension appeal services!

If you don’t want to miss the opportunity to sell on Amazon, our Amazon appeal and reinstatement service will help you with that. The blogs that are on our website will help you keep pace with Amazon’s policies; meanwhile, our professional team will reinstate your account without a hitch, thereby giving you the second chance for selling on Amazon!