How to Spy on Someone Using a Spy Phone App for iPhone?

How to Spy on Someone Using a Spy Phone App for iPhone?
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Spy Phone App for iPhone

Spy Phone App for iPhone use to spy what she or he doing in your absence or behind. Easily spy on iPhone device with this simple spy app.

Spying is prevalent in our society for centuries now. Before it used to be through spies and human intelligentsia and even animals. But in the modern world, this has changed. Spying rests more on technological and communicational advancements.

With the introduction of smartphones, it has become even different. Spying on smartphones is done through various methods and spyware tops on that list. But since there are a lot of varieties of smartphones in the market, not every method is applicable to all.

Among the phones, iPhone is unlike other varieties of smartphones that has its own operating system. So to spy on an iPhone requires a specific tailor-made version of spyware.

Spy Phone App for iPhone

Xnspy: A Spy Phone App for iPhone

Xnspy Spy Phone App for iPhone

Xnspy is an app to spy on someone’s iPhone. This app is available for both Android and iPhone users. Although there are a few other apps that offer spying tools on iPhone but they have selective features. Besides, you can use this app with or without jail-break (iCloud) versions. The app provides ample features that can help anyone monitor the target person’s calls, messages, instant messengers and many more. Read this: Best Android Apps to Hide Text Messages on Phone

How to Use the App:

The procedure to install the app on the target phone is simple. It is a three-step process.

  • In the first step, you subscribe by selecting a package that suits your requirements. The packages are present on their website.
  • After the subscription, you will receive an email which will include the information regarding your subscription with a download link and a code.
  • Download the app on your target’s iPhone by following some steps and the app will be ready to use.


The app offers a mix of basic as well as advanced features for spying on an iPhone. Following are the details of some of the features.

Spying on someone’s location:

When it comes to spying, then monitoring someone’s location is always of utmost importance to know what the target person is up to. This spy phone app for iPhone offers a comprehensive location monitoring tool for tracking the location of the target. And if knowing the location is not enough then it also offers advanced features for real time monitoring and geo-fencing.

Spying on someones location

With geo-fencing, you can set limits of the area for your target person. If he leaves that area you will receive an alert. Besides, you can create a watchlist of locations where you want to be notified if the target enters or leaves the location. The app also provides a location log which includes all the location history of the target person.

Spoofing Calls:

After knowing the location, if you want to know the incoming and outing calls of the target person then this app gives you all the information about them. The app provides complete information about the numbers incoming and outgoing calls including the time stamps. It also includes the locations of the target when the calls were made.

spy on call

There is another major feature of call recordings. It keeps all the call recordings of the calls that were either made or received on the iPhone. Check Best iPhone App to Record Calls.

Monitoring IMs:

Every mobile user has Instant messengers on his cell phone. To monitor the activity on instant messengers is a unique feature that this app allows. With this app, you can spy on the social media activity of the target phone. It includes all the famous social media apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Tinder, Viber, Instagram and Skype chats. So the user can know about all the texts shared on these platforms, the calls made from them and their timings.

It also has the feature to spy on the iMessages of the target phone. You can see all the messages shared through iMessage service. Check guide to get iMessage for PC.

Taking Screenshots:

This app offers you the access to take a screenshot of the target phone remotely. If you want to know the exact state of your target phone, you can remotely take its screenshot anytime. This will be done through your dashboard. You can approach the dashboard provided to you through your laptop and remotely take the screenshot. If the phone shows a blank screen it means the screen is off.

Read this: How To Take A Screenshot On Windows 10

Taking Screenshots

Recording Surroundings:

Now the user of this spy phone app for iPhone can know what’s happening in the surroundings of the target through a unique feature offered through this app. This app offers ambient recorder feature which allows you to listen to the surroundings of the target person. It gives you the access to the microphone of the target phone and you can listen to what is happening around by using this feature even if he/she is not on a call.

Recording Surroundings

Manage Watchlists:

If you want to be notified of specific words, calls or locations, then Xnspy offers you this feature. You can create a watchlist of all the words that you feel are suspicious, if any such word is shared through messages on the target iPhone, you will be notified. Similarly, you can also make a list of the locations that you want to be notified. If the target enters or leaves any of these, you will receive an alert.

Manage Watchlists

Spy on Web Browsing and Multimedia:

This app allows you to access all the browsing history of the target phone. You can also see the shared photos, videos, and documents through the dashboard. Spying on the browsing activity means you have access to all the browser related activities like websites visited and bookmarks.

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