Samsung Galaxy S8’s Voice Bixby Button
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Voice Bixby Button

Samsung has recently released the new model named as Samsung Galaxy 8 and Galaxy Plus. There is a small voice bixby button fixed under the volume option left side of the phone. This is a most awaited update from the Samsung mobile. The button is not a regular voice option which is included for change in the way of normal mobile usage. The Bixby option used to interface with the phone in an intelligent way. This Bixby option is not possible to compare with the Apple, Google assistant, and Amazon. The Bixby voice option used for searching the phone instead of searching on the online.

Galaxy S8’s Voice Bixby Button

How Bixby works?

While using the voice Bixby no need to scroll down the phone menus to go for app’s settings. You can do all the functions within a single execution mode by enabling the Bixby option. It can work based on your recorded voice and typed instructions. Tap on the sidekick button to open the Bixby icon and then send the voice instructions to perform the task. Unlike other options, it executes the instructions within one step. When your phone locked, just keep voice settings to open the phone without trying lengthy menu search. You can also create short commands using the Bixby to deliver the things in a single tap. Everything is easy while using the Bixby option.

This might be a great advantage in the future updates, being a starting point Bixby voice offer lot of incredible functions to execute with one shot. Samsung will also increase the options with including some other features to make it as a unique one with all the other Samsung appliances. As you want to experience the Bixby voice, you must have Wi-Fi connectivity or mobile data.

Bixby commands

You need to record some specific instructions and commands to keep your mobile to deliver the voice Bixby things. The commands may be like asking about the basic information about the surroundings and current conditions. The mobile will provide the output without any trouble for sure using this voice Bixby technology. As its being an initial stage of voice Bixby implementation on Samsung, it needs help from the Google search which will be improved in the upcoming updates. When compared with other voice Bixby it takes some time to show the answers. Mostly the voice Bixby works based on the commands enforced through the voice information.

How to operate Bixby?

It’s an easy task to open and operate the voice Bixby in the Samsung Galaxy S8. You have to hit on the icon of the voice Bixby button and then open it by click on the icon. Then record your voice by hold on the application for a long time and then release your hold once you finish with the voice. The voice Bixby never works if you are not connected it with the proper online connectivity.

Bixby voice and Google Assistant

When compared with both voice Bixby and Google Assistant, you will be disappointed with voice Bixby. These two can work on Wi-Fi and other applications. So try to maintain the online connection throughout the process.

Time savings in Bixby

The normal texting method will take some time to open an application or menu from your phone. But in Bixby application, it will short out by the voice dictating method. Through the Bixby voice, you can save more time, where the only voice is sent for doing the operations on your mobile.

Bixby part work

The Bixby will execute only understands certain options and words. For some extend, it tries to offer all the possibilities you have requested from the Bixby app.

Bixby bugs

Voice Bixby is a product developed by the beta essentials affected by bugs. As it is an earlier stage of voice Bixby, they will improve the quality in the upcoming updates. The testing result will show that it needs more updates when compare with other voice apps.

Bixby voice learning process

The Bixby voice Samsung will learn all the activities once you did with the adjustments. Every the artificial intelligence’s performs in the same way. As per the usage, the voice Bixby will make the user identity patterns.

Third party application

Bixby also tries to connect with the third party applications like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google maps and more. In future there are much more apps are expected to connect with the Bixby voice.

Bixby button remap

If you want to search for third party application, Samsung will not allow you to search it. They want you to use the Samsung apps. So try to turn off the voice Bixby to search on the other apps.

Bixby voice note

This is entirely voice-based app help you to check all the functions using the voice recordings. It’s also like Google assistant distribute the options we expect using Bixby voice note.

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